Ketamine Therapy: What To Expect

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Once ketamine therapy has been determined to be appropriate to attempt treatment for your condition, we can make a booking for your first two-hour therapy session with a psychiatrist or therapist. A close friend or family member can also accompany you for the first time or any future therapy session you attend. The ketamine is … Read more

Is Ketamine Therapy Safe?

While Ketamine is probably best known for its use over the past few decades as an addictive party drug called “Ket” or “Special K”, it has been used as an animal anesthetic for over 100 years. Then in 1970 it was approved for human use as a sedative for patients in emergency care suffering from … Read more

Ketamine Therapy – What Is It & Can It Help Me?

Developed in 1960, Ketamine is one of only two anesthetics officially described by the World Health Organization as an essential drug, which historically has been used on patients undergoing various surgeries. More recently, a derivative of ketamine called Esketamine has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for depression and some pain-related issues. Developed … Read more