Importance of Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that requires treatment, and medication management is usually the primary form of treatment. However, psychotherapy is equally important for improving the overall quality of life of individuals with this condition. The combination of psychotherapy with medication can lead to better treatment outcomes. Types of Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorder There … Read more

Signs of Dementia

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It is important to note that dementia is not a single disease. The term is actually a broad term that describes a collection of symptoms that occur together. There are several symptoms that can affect someone’s memory, as well as his or her ability to think, process information, and communicate with others. Approximately 55 million … Read more

Adjusting To Medical Conditions

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If you suffer from a serious health problem, such as a chronic or life-threatening illness, such as cancer, or if you suffer from a major health event, such as a stroke, heart attack, or a debilitating injury, it can disrupt all aspects of your life. The onset of many serious health problems seems to come … Read more

Seasonal Depression

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When seasonal affective disorder (also known as seasonal depression) hits hard for those who are experiencing it, it is like a cold blast of air. However, there is more to this emotional disorder than just feeling down during the winter. Depression that is triggered by the changing seasons is known as seasonal depression and seasonal … Read more


Delirium anatomy - its causes and effects projected on a human brain

Delirium is derived from the Latin word ‘delirare’, which means ‘to deviate from a straight line, to be deranged. Delirium is a severe neuropsychiatric syndrome characterized by deficits in attention and cognition. As a result, patients often experience altered levels of arousal, ranging from reduced responsiveness at a near-coma level to hypervigilance and severe agitation. … Read more

Inpact of War on Mental Health

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With the Russian-Ukrainian war waging on, the effects of conflict leave their mark on a new battlefield. There are physical risks for those that come with living in war zones, such as breathing in smoke and ash from fires and blasts that can affect the nose and lungs. But there are also mental health risks. … Read more

Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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After a traumatic experience, it’s normal to feel dread, depression, and a feeling of being disconnected from friends and family. However, if those feelings do not fade, you may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD will likely develop following any event that makes you fear for your safety. Most people associate PTSD with … Read more

How Different Cultures View Mental Illness

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Historically, physical health has been a more straightforward and tangible aspect that society has been able to identify and diagnose. However, stigmas still surround mental health all around the world. Due to this stigma, more than half of people in the United States with mental illness don’t receive help for their disorders. The fear of … Read more

How to Master Your Organizational Skills At Work

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Employees with excellent organizational skills are never caught unaware by their schedules. They manage to make time for in-office activities because they meet their work meetings and goals in time. As opposed to this, disorganized employees are always on the verge of panic. Last-minute calls and schedule allotments interrupt them. Instead of acting rationally to … Read more