My Practice

My Treatment Philosophy

My approach to mental health utilizes a combination of medications and psychotherapy to facilitate internal transformation with the goal of achieving a healthier perspective. While medications can be useful in this process, interventions that promote more profound shifts in awareness can result in more lasting change.

Examples of these interventions include psychotherapy, meditation, and the exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness with the use of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. In other words, beyond medication, we want to incorporate practical tools and techniques that are long-term, life enhancing, and put you back in control.


Your time is valuable and we are all very busy taking care of real life tasks and complexities. I understand this and have flexible hours and methods to make providing you the services you desire in a very convenient manner. Both phone and video conferencing consultations are also available in addition to in-house consultation at my office in Eatontown, NJ. (Monmouth County, New Jersey)

Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance, but I can assist you in submitting information to your insurance company for reimbursement and am happy to do so.

FREE 15 minute Initial Evaluation by phone
Initial call to ensure your comfort ability
Your needs are important as is your level of confidence with my practice. I have set up this free service so that potential clients have nothing to risk and everything to gain. It is important that my approach fits within your comfort zone and expectation level.
In-House/Conference Call Initial Evaluation
Required for all new patients 50 mins.
An initial evaluation is required to establish yourself as a patient and receive treatment, including ketamine therapy.
Brief Office Session
25 mins.
Brief office sessions can be utilized for medication management and/or brief therapy sessions. These sessions may be performed via telemedicine.
Ketamine Therapy
2 hour in-office session
After careful evaluation of medical and psychiatric history, you may be offered ketamine-facilitated therapy as part of ongoing treatment. Ketamine-facilitated therapy is not covered by insurance at this time.
Telemedicine – Follow-up
Follow-up visits from the comfort of your home or office – 25 mins.
As part of ongoing treatment, follow-up visits may be conducted via telemedicine for your convenience.
Telemedicine – Brief Session – Medication Management Only
15 mins.
A brief video conference to discuss medications and possible adjustments.