“I am privileged to work with Dr. Tosk every day. He consistently demonstrates excellent clinical skills including, diagnosing, interviewing, and treatment planning. He conducts himself with honesty, kindness and respect, while delivering excellent care to his patients.”

– Kim M. Fallon, PMHNP-C, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

“Dr. Tosk is down-to-earth in his personality, easy to talk to, and exceptionally thorough in his assessment. When referring my clients to a psychiatrist, Dr. Tosk is always my top choice; he does not overmedicate or over diagnose and he collaborates with the client’s treating mental health professionals to ensure coordination of care with the goal of achieving advantageous outcomes. Dr. Tosk genuinely cares about his clients, is open-minded, and considers a holistic approach to his clients needs. ”

– Dr. Danielle Forshee, Psy.D, LCSW

“Jarrett Tosk is a valued member of the mental health professional community. He handles cases with an amazing combination of intelligence and grace no matter what the situation.”

– Arnold Williams, MD
Barnabas Health