Wellness Services

Private Yoga Sessions

Private and semi-private yoga classes are offered for you at your convenience. – 50 mins.

Meditation Training

Private and semi-private meditation training is available to meet your scheduling needs – 50 mins.

Dana Tosk
Wellness Specialist
I walked into a yoga class almost 10 years ago thinking I was just there to stretch my lower back. Little did I know the entire course of my life was about to change. Yoga has brought joy to my life, compassion to my heart, and peace to my soul. I am thrilled to share my enthusiasm for yoga & meditation with my students.

I began my mindfulness meditation journey several years ago. Over the years I have cultivated my own personal mindfulness practice by establishing a daily meditation routine. I completed my meditation teacher training program through Beyond Om with April Puciata. My mindfulness teaching is offered to support individuals in learning to heal their own suffering. The use of the room space as well as exploration in nature provides a healing setting for clients. I teach with warmth, compassion, kindness and openness to encourage others to explore the teachings of mindfulness to cultivate a more easy way of living.‚Äč

I also completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 at Tula Yoga.

When I am not on the mat or meditating I can be found being a mommy to my three young children.